Active Maintenance Plan – Your New Years Resolution

This New Year, make a resolution you can keep!

What is an active maintenance plan?
An active maintenance plan is one of the most important plans you will make this year! An active maintenance appointment includes an examination with our fantastic dentists along with a thorough clean with our gentle hygiene team. We will also tailor-make a plan with you to keep your mouth healthy for the long run.

Why do I need active maintenance?
A healthy mouth is important not only to keep you smiling and your breath fresh, but also for the health of your whole body. Inflammation in the mouth can be linked to many systemic diseases including heart disease, and diabetes. The more often we see you the more successful we are at remineralising early decay.

Our active maintenance times are very popular so remember to book 6 months ahead to schedule a time that suits you.
Don’t know what you are doing in 6 months time? Don’t worry, schedule a visit anyway and we will remind you closer to the time of your appointment. If the time no longer suits we can reschedule your appointment to fit in with your commitments.

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