Withers Dental has been delivering Invisalign® and other orthodontic treatments, including Damon Braces, to patients for more than 20 years. We are one of Queensland’s leading Invisalign® providers and the only Platinum Elite Invisalign® supplier in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs region.

We have helped hundreds of patients to achieve their dream smiles using Invisalign®. Each case is personalised to achieve the best possible outcome.

We are passionate about and derive immense satisfaction from, the stunning, life-changing improvements we achieve with our patients. This enthusiasm drives us to keep abreast of cutting-edge techniques and technologies. Attention to detail sets us apart.

We aim to exceed your expectations and are uncompromising in our desire to help you achieve the results you want.

And we promise to never make you feel merely like a number on a conveyor belt being herded through by auxiliary staff!

Invisalign with Case from Invisalign Orthodontics on Toowoomba


The clear alternative to braces!

Invisalign® is an orthodontic treatment comprising a series of custom-designed, clear aligners. Each aligner is precisely manufactured using SmartTrack® materials to comfortably fit your teeth and gradually straighten them. They are replaced every one to two weeks until the desired outcome is attained.

We place SmartForce® attachments to various teeth to help with the movement of the aligners. The attachments are tooth coloured and barely noticeable.

Dr Andrew and his team monitor the entire treatment from start to finish, with appointments required every six to eight weeks to ensure your progress stays on track. You also have the benefit of flexible progress appointments if required, we can provide you with additional aligners in the case you can only visit every 10 or so weeks.

What are the benefits of Invisalign®?

Invisalign® aligners offer numerous benefits over traditional braces, the most obvious being their transparency, making them the more aesthetically appealing option for straightening teeth.

Invisalign® has many other benefits:

  • Easy to remove.
  • No food restrictions. Continue to eat the foods you enjoy most!
  • Simpler to clean your teeth.
  • Lifestyle friendly. Continue to play your favourite sports without worrying about possible breakages.
  • Fewer emergency visits for issues such as broken brackets and wires.
  • More comfortable.
  • Clearer treatment timeline.

Clear Invisalign Wear on Upper Teeth | Invisalign on Toowoomba QLD

What issues can Invisalign® treat?

Invisalign® fixes an open bite, overbite, crossbite, crowding, gap teeth, underbite, severe crowding and mild crowding.

Complete the free online Invisalign® assessment for more information:



Invisalign® offers treatments to suit children, teenagers and adults, giving them all a chance to experience a straighter smile.

Invisalign® First, Phase 1 – Ages 6-10

Invisalign® First improves children’s smiles as they grow. It is designed to treat a broad range of teeth straightening issues, from narrow dental arches to crowding.

Dr Andrew was specially selected by Invisalign® to prescribe this interceptive treatment due to his extensive experience and knowledge of orthodontics and Invisalign®.

Invisalign® for Teens – Ages 11-17

Many teenagers lead active lives while also facing challenges around image and self-esteem. For those wanting to straighten their teeth, Invisalign® for Teens offers an alternative to traditional metal braces which can interfere with playing sport or cause them to feel self-conscious about their appearance.

Invisalign® Express – up to 7 aligners

Invisalign® Express is a shorter duration orthodontic treatment, ideal for people with very minor crowding or spacing concerns.

Invisalign® Lite – up to 14 aligners

Invisalign® Lite is suitable for minor crowding and spacing concerns and is commonly recommended to patients who have problems associated with orthodontic relapse.

Invisalign® Moderate – up to 26 aligners

Invisalign® Moderate allows for a more complex orthodontic treatment including difficult tooth movements and adjustments. You are entitled to an optional set if, for any reason throughout your treatment, you require additional aligners to refine movements.

Invisalign® Comprehensive – as many aligners as needed to achieve your goal

Invisalign® Comprehensive is designed for the most complex orthodontic issues, with unlimited additional aligners included for any refinements which might be needed throughout the course of your treatment. It also includes the option of a built-in mandibular advancement feature to keep the jaw positioned correctly. Your doctor will advise if this is required.


The cost of Invisalign® varies and depends on a number of factors including the time it takes to straighten your teeth and the number of aligners needed.

To determine the cost, please book a no-obligation, Invisalign® consultation where your doctor will consider your desired outcome, assess your smile and discuss your treatment options. You will then receive a quote tailored to your smile.

We include an iTero Element® Scanner 3D image and professional dental photographs at no charge as well as a detailed analysis report (private health funds – rebate only/no gap) at your initial consultation. We also require two sets of x-rays which will be a cost to yourself. This allows us to simulate the new smile you could achieve with Invisalign®!

Many Withers Dental patients take advantage of a two-year interest-free payment plan to fund their Invisalign® treatment. You can read more about payment options on our financial information page.

Dental Hygienist Showing the Parts that the Invisalign with Correct | Invisalign on Toowoomba


Invisalign® treatment generally takes between two months and two years, depending on the complexity of the case.

At your initial Invisalign® consultation we will take your 3D iTero simulation scan, dental photographs (all no charge/rebate only) and also a set of x-rays (this will be a charge). The x-rays required are either a Conebeam or OPG, along with a Lat Ceph, these are required so our doctors can analyse your personal records and develop a personalised Analysis Report and quotation for you. Generally, the analysis of your records takes around one to two weeks. You will be required to return to see your doctor who will carefully explain your personalised analysis report and provide you with a detailed quotation and treatment outcome.

Your doctor then liaises with Invisalign® to create what is called a Clincheck®. It involves mapping a designated path for your treatment – from the smallest shifts to your desired smile outcome. This takes the guesswork out of orthodontic treatment and eliminates the wait-and-see game.

Once the Clincheck® is finalised, your personalised aligners will be manufactured and shipped to Withers Dental within two to three weeks.

You are now ready to start your new smile journey!

You will receive six aligners, and your doctor will insert the first together with any required SmartForce® attachments (tooth coloured). You must wear each aligner for at least 22 hours per day for one week (remove when eating).

You will receive further aligners at your next six-week check-up and so on until you have reached the end of your treatment. Your doctor will want to do a final check of your teeth on your last aligner to ensure everything has tracked well, at this appointment your doctor will determine whether you are ready to finish or whether you may need some final adjustments and refinements.


How amazing, you have finished your orthodontic journey but what happens now!?

Retention of your new smile is so important, as your teeth will naturally want to move back to their original positioning over time and that’s the last thing you want! This is why we include a retention package for all our patients in order to give them the best tools we can and assist them in maintaining their newly aligned teeth for many years to come.

After your orthodontic treatment, we will remove all attachments, as well as clean any excess glue. At this appointment you will receive a set of bonded retainers which are placed behind your upper and lower front teeth to ensure they remain in their ideal position. You will also receive a set of clear night-time retainers, which we recommend continuing to wear for every night to come. If you have any breakages with your bonded or clear retainers, please call our reception team and organise an appointment to have these repaired or replaced.


All forms of medical and dental treatments, including orthodontics, carry potential risks and limitations. Fortunately, these complications are infrequent in orthodontics and tend to be of minor consequence. Your doctor will inform you have any potential risks or complications before proceeding with any treatment.

Invisalign Frequently Asked Questions


The aligners are only straightening your teeth when you’re wearing them. The longer the aligners are in place, the faster they are going to straighten your teeth. In most cases, we recommend that patients wear the Invisalign® aligners for at least 20-22 hours each day. They are fine to wear during the night, as well as most of the day. The only occasions when you really do have to remove your aligners is whilst eating and drinking and when you are cleaning your teeth.


This depends on how crooked or uneven your teeth are and how long you wear your aligners. Most people will start to see a difference in how much their teeth move in around six weeks, provided they wear their aligners as frequently as possible.


As part of the Invisalign® process, your dentist will apply small blobs of dental adhesive to key points on your teeth. These are called attachment points. Once they harden, they provide a series of tiny “anchors” that help the Invisalign® aligners to stay in place when you’re wearing them. Unlike wire braces, the aligners can be removed without the intervention of an orthodontist. This enables teeth to be thoroughly cleaned and also enables patients to eat what they want, as the aligners are removed before meals. Once the Invisalign® treatment process is complete, the attachment points can be filed off.


No. It is recommended that Invisalign® wearers clean their teeth after every meal, before reinserting the aligners. Teeth should also be cleaned every morning and evening, in line with general guidance for oral hygiene. The Invisalign® aligners must also be kept scrupulously clean. Provided these instructions are followed, dental hygiene won’t suffer as a result of the Invisalign® process. In fact, many users say that their dental hygiene improves as a result of using Invisalign®.


This depends on how crooked or uneven your teeth are. Obviously, the greater the degree of unevenness, the more sets of aligners are going to be needed before the teeth are straightened. Your dentist will advise on the likely number of sets as part of your initial Invisalign® assessment procedure.


Once your Invisalign® treatment is complete, your dentist will normally prescribe a bonded retainer and clear night-time retainer. This is similar to an aligner and will need to be worn for 20-22 hours a day for about six months after treatment is complete. Retainers minimise the risk of teeth drifting back to their old positions.



If your aligners have recently been changed, a day without wearing them may result in increased discomfort when you put them back in. If you are already used to your current set of aligners, not wearing them for a single day usually won’t make much difference.


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