Oral Care Recycling Program

Withers Dental is now involved with the Colgate Oral Care Recycling Program in conjunction with Terracycle-Australia. Most oral care products can now be recycled into new and exciting products by Terracycle.

Products that can be recycled include any brand of toothpaste tubes, caps, cartons, toothbrushes and their outer packaging, electric toothbrush heads and floss containers. Unfortunately, electric brush handles, batteries, etc cannot be recycled.

To recycle your oral care products any excess product must be removed and if you do rinse your product it must be dry before placing in the recycle bins – rinsing is not necessary! Bring your products into Withers Dental and place them in the small bins provided in our reception areas, we will then collate these products and send them to Terracycle for recycling.

If you would like more information about Terracycle and what they do please have a look at their website: www.terracycle.com.au. There are even some clever do-it-yourself activities you can do at home to participate in this amazing recycling project. Check out these awesome do-it-yourself ideas for recycling oral care products:

Thank you for participating in our small contribution to recycling and protecting our environment.

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