Do You Play Contact Sport?

Don’t risk damaging your smile and get yourself a professional custom-made mouthguard today!

Who needs a mouthguard?

If you’re playing sports such as rugby union and league, AFL, hockey, wrestling and boxing, you should strongly consider a professional mouthguard. These sports are all very obvious contact sports because there is intentional collision and contact which are a part of the game.

It is recommended by the Australian Dental Association (ADA) that all players participating in any type of contact sport should be wearing a professional custom-made mouthguard. Whether you are just playing social sport or you are playing on a professional level, you should get a mouthguard professionally made and fitted.

We regularly see patients, both children and adults who have sustained mouth injuries during contact sport and unfortunately caused traumatic damage to their teeth and gums. This type of injury could have easily been avoided if they were wearing a properly fitted mouthguard while playing.

Why choose us:

  • We have a wide variety of colours and designs available for your choice.
  • Our prices start from just $85!
  • All mouthguards are locally made by our amazing lab queens: Kim, Dell & Amber.
  • We include your name & phone number sealed inside your mouthguard, just incase you misplace it. Perfect for children!
  • We offer a quick turnaround with manufacturing your mouthguard.
  • We offer instant HICAPS claiming for easy Private Health Fund rebates.
  • All BUPA and HCF members are entitled to a rebate only (GAP FREE) mouthguard through us.

Did you know we even support some of our local football teams around town and join them at their own Sign-on Days! We offer our professional custom-made mouthguard service on the day at Junior Sign-on events by taking your impression right there. This service has proven so convenient to all the busy families and parents. This gives them the opportunity to sign their children up and get a mouthguard organised and ready for the season all in the same location!

Withers Dental are currently proudly offering this offsite mouthguard service to:

Ready to get a professional custom-made mouthguard?

If your ready to get yourself a professional custom-made mouthguard before your contact sporting season begins, book an appointment online with us via: or simply call us on: 07 4659 9477!

You can read more information about the benefits of wearing a professional custom-made mouthguard or the risks of not wearing your properly fitted mouthguard by reading the following links:,-wear-a-mouthguard.pdf.aspx or

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