The Crucial Link Between Gut Health and Oral Health – Insights from Withers Dental Toowoomba

Understanding the intricate connection between gut health and oral health is crucial. After all, the mouth serves as the initial gateway to the human digestive system. At Withers Dental in Toowoomba, we’ve observed that gut health and oral health significantly influence each other.

We see this manifest in a couple of ways:

What we eat affects the trillions of microbes that populate our gut, and thus a diet that is nutritionally poor can lead to poor digestive absorption and poor immune response.   A diet low in variety, or low in fibre and nutrient dense foods (and often high in sugar) leads to a lower variety of helpful gut microbes as well.  

What does this mean for your oral health?

This means an increase in inflammatory gum disease like gingivitis and periodontitis, as well as potentially higher rate of tooth decay (cavities) as our bodies can’t fight the pathogens that cause these diseases adequately.

We can also see an increased susceptibility to infections like oral thrush and mouth ulcers as the oral mucosa becomes generally inflamed. 

Interestingly there is also data to show that when we chew our food slowly and thoroughly it is more easily digested and absorbed by our gut, and our brain receives the message that we are satisfied without over-eating which can lead to reflux, bloating and higher caloric intake than we need.  

Conclusion: Healthy Teeth = Healthy Body and Vice Versa

The team at Withers Dental Toowoomba believes that maintaining a healthy set of teeth is vital for not only our appearance and self-confidence but for our gut health and overall nutrition as well. If you’re seeking guidance on enhancing oral health for better gut health, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our dental experts.

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