Why Do Your Teeth Become Crooked (And How to Fix Them)

Here at Withers Dental, we treat a lot of common dental issues on a daily basis, from plaque to decay fillings to gum disease and everything in between. One such ‘in between’ is people coming to us with questions and worries about the fact that their teeth are crooked and not properly aligned.

Whilst this isn’t usually a health related problem, it can be something that negatively affects a patient’s self-confidence, and that can often be as serious as a physical issue that needs addressing. If you are in this category, then here is some information from an orthodontist about why your teeth become crooked, and how they can be fixed.

  • As a child grows and their jaw becomes larger, it is sometimes the case that their tongue and muscles start to rest in unusual positions. This can start to cause misalignment in the teeth as they grow in relation to their surroundings, not necessarily having enough room for them to be in the right places. Misalignment can cause things like over and under bites and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome.
  • If a child is what is known as a ‘mouth breather’, having their mouth open all the time and not being able to rest their tongue in the correct position can sometimes lead to restricted forward growth of teeth.
  • Thumb sucking can be a big factor in children growing up with crooked and misaligned teeth. The pressure of the thumb being regularly placed in the mouth and pushing on the teeth and cause them to grow in the wrong direction.
  • Sometimes, the abnormal growth and direction of teeth can be completely genetic. But what is important to know is that there are several different avenues of treatment, no matter what your personal cause is. From corrective surgery to traditional braces to more expensive alternatives like invisible aligners, what modern dentistry can guarantee is that there will always be a suitable solution for your own crooked teeth issues.

If you think that you might need to visit a Dentist to enquire about your own teeth, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Withers Dental. Talk to one of our friendly and welcoming staff about why you are visiting us, and we will have you set up with a plan for treatment in no time at all. We very much look forward to meeting you and being able to fix that wonderful smile!

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