Withers Dental has 3D Cone Beam Imaging!

We are excited to announce that the practice has just installed the latest 3D cone beam imaging machine. Cone beam imaging means we can generate a wide variety of images, from simple bitewing x-rays right through to comprehensive 3D models. This is great news for our patients, as it means we no longer have to refer away to have imaging done for implants along with superior imaging for our orthodontic and general dental patients.

Does having bitewing x-rays at your check-up appointment make you gag? Our new cone beam machine means we can get the same image, that is so important for diagnosing decay, from simply biting the front teeth onto a stick. Easy!

Some of the best functions of our new machine are:

  • 3D cone beam imaging (often used with implants, root canal treatments)
  • Lateral cephalometric imaging (used for orthodontic and Invisalign treatments)
  • Orthopantomograms commonly known as OPG (used to assist general diagnosis, wisdom teeth, orthodontic and Invisalign treatments)
  • Temporomandibular joint imaging
  • Airway imaging
  • Bitewing x-rays

While standard 3D images have slightly more radiation, the detail the image presents allows our dentists to carefully plan complicated treatments. Along with this, the capabilities of our machine can allow us to alter the settings to produce an image which has less intricate detailing but importantly results in less radiation exposed to our patient than conventional cone beam imaging. Technology is so exciting.

If you’re dropping into the practice, ask our friendly staff to check it out- we’d be more than happy to show you what it can do!

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