Occlusal splints are usually recommended for patients suffering bruxism or, as it is better known, teeth grinding. Your dentist may diagnose bruxism even before you realise you have been grinding your teeth as they show obvious signs of enamel wear and fractures. Our dentists will take the time to explain the symptoms and recommend the best solution. We have two options for an occlusal splint, both of which are designed to protect your teeth from the damage caused by grinding.


A lab-made occlusal splint is generally made from a very hard acrylic material which is created to fit over your teeth. This custom fit ensures your occlusal splint will withstand the grinding and not fall off while you are sleeping. The splint will not stop you grinding however, it will guide the jaw into a neutral position which will relieve some of the pressure on the joint and effectively protect your teeth against the destructive forces of the condition. Your dentist will usually need to see you for two appointments over a two to three-week period to make and fit the splint. Please call our reception team for more information.


The SOVA Night Guard also guards against bruxism. This particular guard offers affordable instant protection for your teeth. The SOVA Night Guard can be professionally fitted in just one appointment. Withers Dental has the guards in stock, ready to be professionally moulded.

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