When orthodontic work is completed, your teeth will be beautifully aligned. Unfortunately, over time, teeth can shift back into their old, unwanted positions. To minimise the risk of this happening, many people choose to wear retainers. Retainers are custom devices that are designed to help keep your teeth in the correct position.

For many orthodontic patients, retainers protect the investment they’ve made in their teeth and ensure they stay in the right position.

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Both clear and bonded retainers will help to protect your teeth from unwanted movement following a course of orthodontic treatment.

Clear retainers are, as the name suggests, pieces of clear plastic that are worn in the mouth at night to keep the teeth in the correct position. Clear retainers are removable and not usually worn during the day.

Bonded retainers are fixed to the inner side of the teeth. They are worn behind your front teeth to keep them straight and even. Bonded retainers can’t be seen once in position. They are long-term fixtures that aren’t removable without professional assistance.

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If you have recently completed any type of orthodontic treatment you will understand the importance of wearing a clear night time retainer to prevent your teeth moving. It is strongly recommended you wear it every night for the foreseeable future. If you need to replace your retainer, please contact Withers Dental as soon as possible.


Dr Andrew Withers will also place a bonded retainer behind your front teeth once orthodontic treatment is complete. This bonded retainer is not visible and helps keep your teeth in place. If your bonded retainer ever breaks please contact our lovely receptionists to book an appointment for immediate repair.


Invisalign trays are a comfortable, discreet way of straightening uneven teeth. Many adults opt for Invisalign because they are so unobtrusive. Like any other form of treatment, once the Invisalign treatment is complete, we advise that patients have retainers fitted.

Bonded retainers aren’t visible once in position and clear retainers need only be worn at night. Retainers allow your dental treatment to continue, but without compromising the appearance of your mouth. Bonded retainers don’t need to be removed whilst eating.


Good retainer care relies on a high level of oral hygiene, as well as treating your retainers with care. Regular brushing and flossing, along with avoiding sugary foods, ensures bonded retainers stay clean.

Clear retainers should be removed and inserted carefully. If you’re eating or playing contact sports, clear retainers should be removed.

Only use warm or cool water to wash your retainer, as hot water may warp the shape.

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If you’ve lost your retainers, it’s important to make an appointment to get fresh ones fitted as soon as you can. Newly straightened teeth “remember” their old, unwanted positions and will rapidly slip back into them without regular retainer use.

For teeth that have been left a while without retainers, we may recommend further orthodontic treatment to bring them back into alignment.

Although retainers are quite robust, if you do damage your retainer, we can usually fix it for you. If you notice damage to your retainer, don’t use it, as it may chafe or rub when broken. Bring the retainer (along with any bits if fragments have snapped off) when you attend your appointment and we will assess whether it can be repaired, or whether a new device is needed.

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